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Year 10 English

Learning Literacies

Semester Elective Unit


Students wishing to select this course must meet one of the following criteria.

  • Recommendation by Learning Development teacher.
  • Recommendation by English teacher.
  • Study of Literacy Consolidation in Middle School.

Course Description

This unit is designed to support and assist students who have studied Literacy Consolidation in the Middle School and who would benefit from further development of skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in preparation for VCE English. There is a particular focus on how to best apply these skills to learning in a range of situations. Strategies for learning to read a range of texts, for varying purposes and audiences are developed.

This course may be taken in both semesters; however, approval must be granted by Learning Development.

Essential Questions

  • How can I regularly monitor my understanding of a text?
  • How can I relate my personal experiences to a text and how does this help me to understand the text better?
  • How can I convey my understanding of a text in written form and to an audience?
  • What constitutes a main idea?

Areas of Study

  • Reading for understanding.
  • Focussing techniques.
  • Writing structure, coherence and content.
  • Preparing and presenting a sustained presentation.
  • Development of strategies to support learning in a range of settings.
  • Development of thinking and learning strategies.
  • Development of memory strategies, exam preparation skills and exam techniques.


Task Description
Text analysis and film study:
identify and discuss key aspects of a set text, and construct a response in oral or written form.
Oral and written responses to texts, including text response essays, digital scene analyses, oral presentation.

Language analysis: identify and discuss, how language can be used to persuade readers and/or viewers.

Folio of activities including annotated news articles and political cartoons, and essay.
Compare the presentation of ideas, issues and themes in two texts. Comparative analytical essay.
Examination Preparation There is no examination in this subject. Students are assistsed to prepare for the examination period by exploration of a variety of study skills and strategies which may support preparation for specific subjects or suit particular learning styles.