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Year 10 English

English Language

Semester Elective Unit


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Description

This course introduces students to the key concepts in the study of English Language. It is excellent preparation for the study of VCE English Language and also supports areas such as analysis of language and the features of texts, which are part of the IB Literature and VCE English Literature courses. Students also study the language of advertising, word formation and Australian English. 

Essential Questions

  • What are the functions of language?
  • How is the English language constructed?
  • How do we alter the way we speak according to context and purpose?
  • How has language changed over time and according to technology?

Areas of Study

  • Introduction – an overview of the key terminology required for the study of language.
  • The language of advertising.
  • Word origins and word formation.
  • ​The history and features of Australian English.


Task Description
Research task Group presentation on word formation.
Short story Original short story based on creation of new, creatively formed words.
Essay Extended essay discussing Australian English and identity.
Semester Exam Analytical tasks.