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Year 10 Art and Design


Semester Elective Unit


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Description

This unit focusses on the realisation of creative ideas through the exploration of a broad range of processes and both two- and three-dimensional art forms. Students are introduced to a range of materials and techniques and concepts through critical and practical investigation. Students investigate historical and contemporary artists from a range of cultural contexts, and further develop their skills in interpreting and analysing artworks.

Essential Questions

  • How do artists organise art elements and principles to achieve certain effects in their work?
  • How can formal qualities communicate meaning and messages in artworks?
  • What role does art play in different cultures and societies?

Areas of study

Art Production

  • Development of specialised skills, processes and techniques associated with selected two- and three-dimensional art forms including; drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture and digital photography.

Art Theory

  • Art Theory involves critical investigation into historical and contemporary artists from a range of cultural contexts.
  • Students further develop their skills in interpreting and analysing artworks in short and extended written responses.
  • Research is undertaken by selecting works within a common theme, technique and/or styles to express ideas about art, culture, society or the environment.

Visual Journal

  • Concepts and trialling of materials and techniques for each artwork are recorded in the Visual Journal. Students are encouraged to fully explore the possibilities for each work, recording all of their ideas and reflecting throughout the developmental process.


Task Description
Art Production and Visual Journal Final artworks exploring two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms. Record of the development and trialling of materials and techniques associated with art production and the exploration of elements and principles of art. Investigation into artists and written reflections.
Art Theory Short and extended written responses analysing and interpreting a range of artworks from various historical and cultural contexts.
Extended Response Written analysis and comparison of artworks selected from a common theme, artform, style.
Semester Examination Students undertake an examination at the conclusion of the course.