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Year 10 Art and Design

Visual Communication Design

Semester Elective Unit


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Description

Visual Communication Design aims to increase the student's knowledge and understanding of the nature of communicating information visually.


Essential Questions

  • How does visual communication design impact on our everyday lives?
  • Why is it important to represent information visually?
  • How does design communicate visually?
  • What is the importance of visual design?

Areas of Study

Folio Work

  • The folio work focusses on the development of specialised skills, processes and technical skills that enable students to work creatively within the constraints of set design briefs. The two folio components in Year 10 comprise conventional graphics and creative graphics.

Conventional Graphics

  • Students complete several pieces of visual communication, employing a variety of drawing methods and associated skills and conventions including perspective drawing, paraline drawing, orthogonal drawing, instrumental drawing and rendering skills.

Creative Graphic 

  • Students are encouraged to use their imagination and employ design and technical skills to complete several pieces of visual communication used to market a product to a specific target audience.

Developmental Work – Exploring Concepts and Designs

  • Design and problem-solving issues.
  • The design process, including identifying the need, researching, analysing information, drawing initial ideas, refining solutions and generating a mock-up of the finished result.

Desktop computers, scanners and colour printers using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator software are used throughout the unit.


Task Description
Production of Design Folio Creating design responses to set design briefs incorporating drawing and the use of computers.
Developmental Book Visual documentation of the experimentation of concepts and designs using the design process.
Technical Drawing Generating technical drawings using a range of perspective, paraline and orthogonal drawing methods.
Analysis of Design Written responses analysing the use of design elements, principles and other theory within various forms of visual communication.
Semester Examination Students undertake an examination at the conclusion of the course.