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Year 10 Art and Design

Product Design and Technology: Fashion and Textiles

Semester Elective Unit


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Description

This course engages students in critical and creative design thinking.  It will promote the opportunity for students to be innovative and inventive through experimentation of processes, techniques and materials.  They will develop effective evaluation skills and value the planning and reviewing process to realise their ideas.

Essential Questions

  • How does the role of the designer affect the challenges of design problems?
  • Why is research and development important in the design process?
  • How do designers develop effective evaluation skills and establish clear planning and reviewing strategies during the design process?

Areas of Study

Design Production

  • Students learn to investigate, define, design/ideate, produce and evaluate in order to achieve a final outcome. They experience effective decision-making and problem-solving, project management and team collaboration.
  • Students identify their client/end user and their needs, they establish a design brief (statement of intent), research support material, design various options for consideration by the client/end user, evaluate possibilities, develop a production plan, consider safety issues and establish constraints. Finally, they make the negotiated product/s.

Design Folio

  • A Design Folio operates in conjunction with the production work. It records and showcases the student's ability to communicate visually through research and development, trials and testing of materials tools and equipment and present clear evaluations of the design thinking journey. 


Task Description
Production Piece

Produce products demonstrating a level of competence in the application of processes that shows a degree of difficulty.

Demonstrate levels of skill and technical competence in the correct use of tool, materials equipment and machinery.

Demonstrate an understanding of safe and effective practice acknowledging risk assessment.

Design Folio: Documentation of the design process

A record of the research and development, trialling of techniques associated with Product Design and Technology: Fashion and Textiles.

To document the needs and wants of the client or end user.

Demonstrate an understanding of materials, tools and equipment.  Developing clear evaluations of the design thinking journey.

Students undertake an examination at the conclusion of the course.