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Year 10 Art and Design

Food Studies

Semester Elective Unit


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Description

Students build upon and expand their culinary knowledge, techniques and skills. They explore the functional properties of food and the role it plays in our lives; physical, social, cultural and emotional. Through practical applications and the design brief process, students apply their knowledge and skills to undertake a range of teacher, group and self-directed food production challenges. Balancing meals by applying nutrition concepts that promote healthy eating are also incorporated and students learn how to modify recipes to cater for individual dietary requirements.

Essential Questions

  • What are the functional properties of key foods and their role in food preparation and processing?
  • How can food preparation and cooking techniques optimise the properties of food, including appearance, flavour, texture and aroma?
  • How do I apply nutritional considerations when planning, including basic nutritional requirements and special nutritional requirements, such as diabetic, reduced fat, high fibre, food allergies and food sensitivities?
  • How do I develop and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the application of the design process to achieve solutions related to food and its presentation?

Areas of study

Food Production and the Design Process

  • Students follow the design process to produce recipes consisting of simple and complex processes. Assessment of their practical application, and knowledge and understanding is undertaken.
  • Kitchen safety and hygiene, the functional properties of food and nutrients are a focus of this area of study.
  • Food – ​the environment and sustainability.
  • Dietary related diseases, food intolerances and sensitivities.
  • Students design and produce a decorated cake incorporating traditional icing techniques and their own creative flair. They learn to investigate, design, produce and evaluate. Decision making and problem-solving are intrinsic in this process.


Task Description
Production Tasks Planning and preparation of food: skill and knowledge to undertake safely and hygienically a range of preparation and cooking techniques to maximise the properties of foods including the appearance, aroma, flavour, texture and nutritional value.
Chef Biography Research and biography of a famous chef and prepare their signature dish.
Hamburger Design Brief Invent and create a new hamburger for a cafe based on a design brief and various criteria.
Celebration Food
Decorated cake research, development and planning/design folio.