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Leader of Learning - Art and Design: Mr Simon Carver
P: +61 3 9816 1569 E:


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About the Learning Area

Art and Design seeks to stimulate each student's ability to think creatively through expression in their chosen art, design or media forms. We recognise and encourage individual differences by working with students on a personal basis and by insisting that they cultivate self-evaluation as their most important critical resource.

Students are encouraged to improvise and trust their intuitive responses to discover new approaches to creativity and design solutions. We strive to recognise the student's personal complexities and understand their unique concerns so that we may guide them through the tentative stages toward contemporary artistic and design responses. A level of commitment, application and dedication is equally important for any student to achieve success within the Art and Design Learning Area.

We recommend that students undertake one or more studies from this Learning Area to build a folio of diverse work.

Students who have studied Art and Design subjects have gained tertiary access and employment in the following fields: fine arts, animation, architecture, fashion design, industrial design, building and construction, commercial cooking, architecture, interior design, media and communications, screen writing, photography and film-making.


Students participate in regular group and subject exhibitions throughout the year and have the opportunity to attend interstate and overseas study tours focused on enhancing opportunities to engage with national and international art and design organisations and industries

Our annual end of year art exhibition celebrates and showcases student work from across the entire Learning Area.