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About the Learning Area

The study of Drama and Theatre in Senior School has broad benefits for students of all abilities.  

  • Development of presentations skills – such as use of voice and gesture – giving students self-confidence and an awareness of how to engage an audience.  
  • Development of creative and critical thinking skills, as students problem-solve how to work collaboratively to develop performances.
  • Development of the ability to consider the perspectives of others and heightened social awareness.

​​A number of academic studies in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States highlight the positive effect that the study of Drama has had on student academic outcomes. More than merely producing good actors, Drama develops good communicators and effective collaborators. 

Year 10 Drama introduces students to diverse theatre styles and helps them to develop performance and devising skills.

Students studying VCE Theatre Studies have enjoyed great success over many years, with a number of students representing the school at Top Class, a part of the VCAA's Season of Excellence. Students regularly achieve high study scores.  

IB Theatre is offered as a Group 6 subject in the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Run over the two years, this dynamic course challenges, excites and stimulates the students. The academic results achieved are consistently outstanding.

A highlight of Senior School Drama and Theatre is the broad range of theatrical performances students view as part of their studies. Specialists in the fields of acting and theatre run intensive workshops exploring diverse theatre traditions and developing performance skills.