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Learning Co-ordinator - CARE: Mr Chris Higgins
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About the Learning Area

Community and Religious Education (CARE) forms a core part of the curriculum at Carey. The curriculum does not aim to instil a particular perspective in our students, but rather aims to provide them with an understanding of faith in our community.

The Religious Studies: History, World Faiths and Me curriculum builds on the learning of Christianity, other world faiths and moral issues from Middle School. There is a focus on comparative religion and affective learning with students exploring how they form their own beliefs and values. Students explore and analyse the key beliefs and traditions of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism and further develop critical thinking skills by analysing and evaluating how key religious issues are presented in modern media.

Students undertake activities linked to the concept that beliefs are expressed through actions and assess what beliefs their own actions are based upon. During the course we discuss issues of morality, studying both philosophical and faith based perspectives in an attempt to reconcile these dilemmas.

The final area of our curriculum focusses on one of life’s ultimate questions, ‘Why does suffering exist?’. Students are asked to consider both faith and secular perspectives, as well as their own thoughts,  while attempting to answer this question.

Throughout the learning process, students are encouraged to explore and question as they develop a personal understanding of spirituality and their own spiritual journey.


This course progresses to an elective subject in Year 11 and Year 12 where students have the option of selecting VCE Religion and Society for study.