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Leader of Learning - Mathematics and Computing: Ms Sabine Partington
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About the Learning Area


Mathematics at Carey provides students with the opportunity to develop the mathematical and technological skills required to fulfil a role as an effective, contributing and progressive member of society.


  • To develop mathematical confidence, curiosity and a positive self-image through the enjoyment of challenge, the excitement of discovery and the experience of success.
  • To advance mathematical ability to formulate and solve a wide variety of problems.
  • To value the power of mathematics as a tool to communicate, reason and solve problems and to appreciate its cultural, historical and scientific role in the development of our society.
  • To become familiar with software and technology which facilitates learning and problem-solving.
  • To discover and extend individual interests and abilities and engage in continuing intellectual development both individually and in co-operative learning environments.

A wide range of mathematics courses cater for individual needs. For information about opportunities for extension please see below.

All students in Senior School are invited to attend Maths Study Hall every Wednesday or Thursday afternoon where they can receive extra assistance with their Mathematics.


The rapid developments in information technology are having a major influence on virtually all aspects of society. It is important that students learn to use information technology and come to an understanding of its power, scope and limitations. 

Computing courses equip students with the skills to be able to make use of information technology, and make informed choices at a personal level and in the workplace, about the future developments and directions in this exciting and challenging field. Courses also enable students to express creativity, problem-solving and perseverance.

The overall focus of our courses is on:

  • the information technology used to process data into information;
  • the processing and management of information to meet a range of purposes;
  • the impact of information technology on individuals, organisations and society;
  • expressing personal engagement through digital expression.

Extension Programs

Year 10 students requiring extension can select the elective, Problems and Proofs. This course prepares students for the rigour and critical thinking required in IB Mathematics - Higher Level or VCE Specialist Mathematics.

Year 12 students who have a particular interest in Mathematics may choose to undertake University Extension Mathematics in addition to their IB or VCE course.


Year 12 students who have a particular interest in Computing may choose to undertake University Extension Business Information Technology Systems. The Monash University course is held at the Carey Senior School campus or as an online course.

Year 11 students who are very interested in a career in the IT industry can also choose a VET course to complement the courses at Carey. These courses provide an opportunity to study one or more aspects of IT in-depth.

Students have the opportunity to compete in several competitions throughout the year.

  • University of Melbourne Mathematics Competition.
  • Australian Mathematics Competition.
  • Computing and Algorithmic Thinking Competition.