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Leader of Learning - Performing Arts: Mr Martin Arnold
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About the Learning Area

The Music School is currently made up of a team of 41 staff covering all areas of classical and contemporary music styles: all orchestra and band instruments, voice, keyboard instruments including pianoforte and harpsichord, and classroom music. Some staff are conductors of bands, choirs, orchestras and strings, and several are also specialists in chamber groups, rock bands and jazz groups.

The wide range of Music courses offered in the Senior School caters for individual differences, integrated IB and VCE music courses and specialist tuition programs. There are three strands to the Music program at Carey.

  • Class music.
  • Music performance.
  • Specialist tuition.

Through participation in the programs students develop skills in performing and presenting. They develop teamwork skills and discipline in organisation and expression, they contribute to School events and provide a community social service.

Class music is a part of the core curriculum from Early Learning to Year 7 inclusive. From Year 8 to Year 12 class Music is an elective subject. The curriculum emphasises appreciation, listening, analysis of music, composing and studies in the theory of music. The course work includes some practical music making. The music selected for study enables students to gain an insight into many different cultures and nations.

Music Technology

Music Technology is integrated into the Music programs from Year 7 to Year 12. Using notebook computers, Music Technology allows students to research their own interests in greater depth. They are able to compose and develop aural skills at their own pace, and record and edit music using industry-standard recording equipment. There are two Music Technology laboratories with iMac desktop computers and MIDI USB keyboards.

Specialist Tuition

We offer specialist instrumental and voice tuition. Tuition is primarily provided by more than 30 specialist sessional teaching staff and overseen by the Head of Performing Arts in conjunction with instrumental Co-ordinators. Students may choose to receive tuition as an extra-curricular subject or elect it as part of IB or VCE Music courses.

School Colours and Insignia in Music

Students in Senior School who achieve Grade 7 AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) or equivalent on an instrument, or Grade 5 AMEB or equivalent on voice, are eligible to receive School Colours in Music providing participation and contribution criteria are met. For Carey community members, the conditions for School Colours and Insignias are explained on CareyLink.

Extension Programs

Performing Arts Calendar
Each year we develop a Performing Arts calendar to provide opportunities for students to develop their musicianship as soloists and in chamber/small ensemble and large group performance.

Each year Music students perform in a wide range of concerts including Ensemble Concerts, the Whole School Concert, the Whole School Choral Evening, IB/VCE Recitals, Recital Nights, Jazz Nights and Cabaret Night. These concerts typically feature a wide range of music styles and characters.

School Events
Music students participate in School events including Easter and Christmas Services, Commencement Service, Anzac Day Service, Assembly and Chapel services. They make a valuable contribution to School life at Carey.

Music Examinations
Students are able to develop their solo practical skills by sitting music examinations once they have achieved the prerequisite grade examinations in practical and theory.

Musical Productions, Performance and Tuition Programs

For more information about co-curricular musical productions, music performance and music tuition programs please visit the Co-curricular pages.