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Year 8 Art and Design


Elective Unit

Unit Description

In Year 8 Art students consolidate their understanding and use of the art elements and explore the art principles as they build on their practical skills across a variety of processes. Students create a range of artworks, exploring both two- and three-dimensional art forms. Students gain an awareness of artists, both historical and contemporary from a local and international perspective, and further develop their analysis and interpretive skills as they consider the work of artists introduced throughout the course. Finished artworks are supported by carefully annotated developmental work within the Visual Diary and the final artworks are exhibited throughout the year in small school based exhibitions.

Learning in the arts is a complex interactive process, which involves the following aspects:

Perception & Imagination

Sensing, perceiving and experiencing information involves absorbing a concept through the ways we perceive and interpret ideas and concepts. While perceiving can be logical and conventional, it also operates interactively with all other processes in an abstract way.

Inquiry & Thought

Critical and Creative thinking, analysing and understanding concepts and ideas through the artistic design process requires an internal creative process which transforms changes and experiences into an inquiry through artistic ideas.

Expression & Technique

Developing a skillset associated with a thematic inspired learning program to enhance our social and cultural context in which art and design forms are made, performed, produced, designed and valued.

In this unit students explore the following essential questions:

  • What is the role of art in different societies and cultures?
  • Where do artists get their ideas?
  • How do we organise art elements and art principles to achieve certain effects in our work?



  • Three-Dimensional Art: Ceramics and associated Visual Art Diary.
  • Two-Dimensional Art: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and associated Visual Art Diary.
  • Exploring the Art Elements and Principles through Visual Analysis.