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Year 8 Art and Design

Product Design and Technology: Fashion and Textiles

Elective Unit

Unit Description

This unit equips students with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to achieve a sound foundation in fashion and textile design and construction. Students employ the design process, critical thinking and problem-solving strategies to design and create functional, creative and unique textile products. 

Students investigate the sewing machine, working towards independent, confident and safe use.

They produce a range of products inspired by current fashion and textile trends. By the end of the semester each student will have mastered the use of a broad range of machinery and tools and will have achieved success in a variety of construction techniques.

In keeping with fashion and textile design, students will investigate by creating inspiration/mood boards and communicate their ideas through concept/working drawings.  They will examine the role that fashion plays in self-expression and culture.


Essential Questions

  • How do the properties and characteristics of materials influence design in Fashion and Textiles?
  • How can implementing precision and accuracy during construction affect the quality and function of a product?
  • What role does fashion play in our lives?


  • Design: Workbook.
  • Product/s: A range of products.
  • Evaluation: Students evaluate their products through discussion and written reflection.