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Year 8 Art and Design

Product Design and Technology: Metal

Elective Unit

Unit Description

Students are introduced to the characteristics and properties of various metals. They are introduced to workshop practice including the skills and processes required to cut, form and forge metal. Students are challenged to manufacture a three-dimensional sculpture exhibiting the application of skills and processes demonstrated in lessons. They learn how to solve problems presented in a brief, communicate ideas, plan production and estimate material quantities.


Essential Questions

  • What is the role of the design process?
  • How do the characteristics and properties of various metals influence my design?
  • How can drawing methods best describe my ideas prior to manufacturing work in metal?
  • Why do we evaluate our production work on completion?


  • Investigation and Design: A series of material tests and technical drawing exercises.
  • Production: The application of skills to complete a finished product.
  • Analysis and Evaluation: A presentation of outcomes.