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Year 9 Art and Design


Elective Unit

Unit Description

Year 9 Art explores a variety of two- and three-dimensional experiences aimed at improving artistic skills and awareness. It is designed to assist students competency to obtain a high level of accomplishment in a range of different art experiences. The course is structured so that students explore thematic topics in both two- and three-dimensional artworks and enhance a greater conceptual and skill based knowledge through the development of an understanding of contemporary art practice

Final artworks explore a range of media and processes.

  • Three-dimensional art work.
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Digital Art
  • Art Analysis

Students work both from their imagination and research of current art practice in Australia as they create a series of artworks over the semester. Students are also introduced to artists, both historical and contemporary, that have a connection to their own practical tasks.

Essential Questions

  • What can we learn from historical and contemporary artists?
  • How do we encourage an individual artistic style?
  • How do we interrupt artworks?
  • What experiences help us to engage with meaning and messages in Contemporary art?


  • A series of finished artworks (two-dimensional and three-dimensional).
  • Visual Diary.
  • Art analysis.