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Year 9 Art and Design

Visual Communication Design

Elective Unit


There are no prerequisites for Visual Communication Design in Year 8.

Unit Description

Students are introduced to a range of instrumental drawing methods and conventions that are used in the fields of architecture and interior design. They creatively explore these techniques and develop problem-solving skills within the context of a range of design briefs. Computer design and the foundation of design are also addressed in the subject.

The subject covers skills and knowledge which have direct connections with VCE Visual Communication Design and the professional fields of architecture, interior design, industrial design and graphic design.

Communication is a key consideration, with particular attention to layout and a range of presentations. Students undertaking this unit are required to:

  • create and present visual communications using a range of technical drawing and computer methods;
  • use freehand and instrumental drawings and explore the use of various media in their two- and three-dimensional drawings;
  • apply skills and techniques, design elements and principles with competence to determine imaginative and individual solutions to tasks;
  • design against the needs of a design brief, problem-solve and evaluate the effectiveness of their design.

Essential Questions

  • What is the importance of Visual Communication Design in our lives?
  • How do we use design elements and principles to communicate and manipulate visual information?
  • Why is it important to understand and represent information visually?
  • How do architects and interior designers represent designs and visual communications?
  • How can Adobe Illustrator software be used to create solutions?
  • How do we use design thinking to solve problems? 


  • Isometric, planometric drawing.
  • Planometric house interior.
  • Computer illustration and pattern wallpaper design.