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Year 9 Art and Design

Food Studies

Elective Unit

Unit Description

Students investigate cuisines that are part of Australia’s culinary identity and reflect on the concept of an Australian cuisine. They consider the influences of history, culture, geography, climate, and religion in the formation of a cuisine and the influences of technology and globalisation on food patterns. They look at Australian native and indigenous food prior to European settlement and how food patterns have changed since. Food is also explored from a range of perspectives through the design process. Nutritious, fresh ingredients, classic recipes and authentic equipment provide students with the resources, skills and knowledge to prepare and further develop tasty, healthy culturally inspired recipes from around the world. Students practise and improve their food selection skills by interpreting food labels, marketing and packaging. This knowledge and information leads to the development of a culturally influenced food truck product.

Essential Questions

  • What do people eat and why?
  • What are Australian indigenous ingredients and how can they be incorporated into today’s menus?
  • How are foods prepared and cooked based on their characteristics?
  • Why is the design process so important in creating food products?


  • Production Activities.
  • Bush Foods Research Task
  • Food Truck Product.