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Year 9 Art and Design

Product Design and Technology: Metal

Elective Unit

Unit Description

Students learn various metal techniques to produce jewellery. They follow a design process where ideas are researched and illustrated. Material tests expose students to varied practice, costs are considered and estimates are made on projects. The application of safe working methods whilst cutting, forming, joining, casting and forging metals, forms an important part of the course content. Students are encouraged to explore certain themes and concepts in their work to inspire product development.

Essential Questions

  • What is the role of the design process?
  • How are concepts developed?
  • How do the characteristics and properties of various metals influence my jewellery design?
  • At what stages of the design process do I evaluate my work?


  • Investigating and Designing: a series of practical tasks to assist concept development and the communication of ideas.
  • Production: an optional work that encompasses the application of skills demonstrated in class.
  • Analysing and Evaluating: a synopsis of initial ideas against final outcomes.