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About the Learning Area

Drama challenges us to question who we are, why we are here and how we respond to others. As an area of arts education it moves far beyond words, exploring the world through feeling and emotion. It encourages wonder, play, creativity and promotes empathy and understanding.

The study of Drama has broad benefits to students of all abilities.

  • Drama develops presentation skills, such as effective use of voice, gesture and engaging an audience.
  • It develops collaborative skills through practical group work.
  • It fosters tenacity and courage as students grapple with the challenge of creating performances.
  • Drama develops both creative and critical thinking skills as students learn to communicate their thoughts and consider different perspectives.
  • It allows students to walk in the shoes of others in a safe and supportive environment.

All Year 7 students complete a semester of Drama in their first year in the Middle School. A student who has passion and skill, or even just an interest in the performing arts, can progress through the Drama elective units in the Middle School. Students can then study Drama at Year 10 level, VCE Theatre Studies at Years 11 and 12 or Theatre Arts as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma (Years 11/12).

All classes focus on developing diverse skills including creative thinking, collaboration, gesture and movement, characterisation, improvisation and voice. Students create self-devised performances and scripted performances for a range of audiences, as well as participating in skills-based workshops.

Students studying Drama also have the opportunity to view and analyse external professional productions.

Note: Students are required to choose at least one elective from Drama or Music in either Year 8 or Year 9.