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Leader of Learning - Physical Education and Health: Mrs Sally Nelson
P: +61 3 9816 1352 E:

Year 7 Health Year 7 Physical Education
Year 8 Health Year 8 Physical Education
Year 9 Health Year 9 Physical Education

About the Learning Area

Studies in the Health and Physical Education disciplines aim to provide opportunities for students to adopt lifelong healthy, active living. The knowledge, understanding and skills taught through Health and Physical Education provide a foundation for students to enhance their own and others health and wellbeing in ever changing contexts.

Physical Education in Years 7, 8 and 9 presents students with the opportunity to experience success, and to challenge and develop their personal skill and fitness levels. Movement is central to Physical Education and skills, concepts and strategic awareness are all required, not only for participation in physical activity, but also for enhanced performance.  The qualities necessary for successful interaction in society are introduced and fostered over the years; these include co-operation, independence, social responsibility, leadership and perseverance. All these core competencies are enhanced throughout each of the units.

Year 8 and Year 9 students have the opportunity to participate in elective units above and beyond the core Physical Education unit offered; Invent a Sport in Year 8 and Total Sport in Year 9.

Health Education studies in Years 7, 8 and 9 explore issues that reflect the reality of the students' daily lives and encourage them to develop a critically reflective approach towards personal and community health issues. Health Education promotes effective communication skills, assertive behaviour, responsible decision making and an appreciation of diversity within society. The students are given the opportunity to analyse and reflect on a variety of positive and negative health outcomes of a range of personal behaviours and community actions. In Health Education students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to support a positive sense of self, to effectively respond to life events and transitions and to engage in their learning.

The central focus in Physical and Health Education is the development of the whole person. Our aim is to promote health and wellbeing and life-long participation in physical activity and healthy behaviour patterns.