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Leader of Learning - Art and Design: Mr Simon Carver
P: +61 3 9816 1569 E:

Year 7 Art Year 8 Art and Design Year 9 Art and Design

About the Learning Area

Through Art and Design, we are able to explore and communicate our feelings and ideas in original ways. As an essential part of our culture, the Arts enable us to appreciate the artistic expressions of other people.

Artistic learning is not an automatic consequence of maturation and needs to be facilitated through instruction. The role of Art and Design in the curriculum and the contribution it makes to a student's educational growth is valuable and unique.

Carey's Art and Design program covers a variety of two- and three-dimensional experiences designed to improve each student's skills and awareness. It assists individuals in attaining a level of competency in a range of experiences and activities and, as a result, enables the student to select appropriate and adequate means of artistic expression. It engenders an ever-increasing self-disciplined involvement with the visual arts appropriate to the ability of each student. Problem-solving and evaluation are integral to the design process across the Learning Area subjects offered at Carey.

Subjects within the Art and Design Learning Area include:

Art (Compulsory in Year 7; Elective in Years 8 and 9).

Food Studies (Elective in Years 8 and 9).

Product Design and Technology: Fashion and Textiles (Elective in Years 8 and 9).

Product Design and Technology: Metal (Elective in Years 8 and 9).

Product Design and Technology: Wood (Elective in Years 8 and 9).

Visual Communication Design (Elective in Years 8 and 9).