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Leader of Learning - Performing Arts: Mr Martin Arnold
P: +61 3 9816 1365 E:

Year 7 Music Year 8 Music Year 9 Music

About the Learning Area

Middle School Music aims to:

  • actively and rigorously teach a range of musical skills;
  • provide opportunities for students to engage with a range of high quality musical literature;
  • build on the student's past musical experiences;
  • provide positive and meaningful musical experiences for all students, developing their skills and confidence as active musicians.

Note: Students are required to choose at least one Elective Unit from Drama or Music in either Year 8 or Year 9.

Class Music Program

Music is compulsory at Year 7 and optional at Years 8 and 9. Students at all year levels actively participate in practical music making through playing a brass, woodwind, percussion, keyboard or string instrument, as well as through singing. This extends their level of aural perception and sensitivity as well as increasing their understanding of music as a means of expression.

Year 7 Ensemble Program

At Year 7 all students participate in a musical ensemble. Those who have never played a band or orchestral instrument are given the opportunity to participate in free instrumental group lessons. These classes become part of the timetabled Year 7 academic program.

This program is offered at the beginning of the year and students are expected to be fully involved for the whole year.

Year 8 Music

  • The Musical World.

Year 9 Music

  • The Contemporary Composer.

Co-curricular Music Performance Program

Students from all year levels with varying levels of experience are encouraged to perform with one or more of the many Middle School music performance groups. This is a co-curricular program which is separate from the class music program. Students join appropriate groups according to their level of expertise.

The major co-curricular groups:

  • Orpheus Choir.
  • Year 7 and Year 8 Wind Band.
  • Intermediate Band.
  • Experienced Strings.
  • Vivaldi Strings.
  • Guitar Ensemble.
  • Symphonic Band.

In addition, students may audition or apply to become members of performance groups:

  • Chamber Choir.
  • Jazz Bands.
  • Music Theatre Ensemble — Cast, Crew and Band.
  • Music Tour Group.

Musical Productions, Music Performance and Tuition Programs

Please see the Co-curricular pages for more information about musical productions, music performance and music tuition.